Cameron Hogan January 7, 2015
Posted January 5, 2014 by Cameron Hogan (@camhog21) Those who follow the mobile industry are well aware of the uphill battle Blackberry has been fighting for a few years now; one that many thought was unwinnable. Countless individuals seemed convinced we were witnessing the end of the Canadian telecommunication dynasty and for a while, it would have been hard to argue otherwise. However, the company knew they still had a loyal army and so the comeback was on.

2014 was a strong year for Blackberry. With the Q1 releases of Blackberry 10 and Blackberry Blend and the fall release of Passport, all eyes were on the mobile enterprise’s December keynote event and the announcement of the now revealed Classic.

Rather than rely on the keynote itself, Blackberry took an active approach prior to the event and executed an advocate marketing strategy. Using Hyperactivate’s Hasthagart Mosaic, #BBElite’s and BB Bloggers started a conversation in social by sharing what they valued most about Blackberry, who then turned its attention to other BB enthusiasts and smartphone users asking them to share the same. Knowing well in advance that the Classic device embodied mostly everything BB owners loved about the brand and its tech, Blackberry had set themselves up for success.

The influx and frequency of incoming heartfelt messages was overwhelming (see for yourself) and it demonstrated that Blackberry was still a player – the mosaic activation itself contributed to thousands of pre-orders and over 65,000 page views of the Classic pre-order page, all tracked via Hyperactivate’s Advocate Management Platform.

Blackberry Classic was an integral piece to the BB comeback trail. And with their early 2014 success, Jon Chen and Co. could not afford a loss in momentum. While there is much work left to complete the journey, Blackberry has made quite the first step and will continue chugging along in 2015.

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